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Strategic Planning


The firm offers services to assist companies throughout all phases of the strategic planning process including:

  • Environmental/market assessments and comprehensive competitive analyses.

  • Design and administration of stakeholder surveys; and facilitation of focus groups with staff and customers.

  • Facilitation of brainstorming meetings and strategy development sessions with staff and senior management.

  • Marketing of the project to internal and external stakeholders including the development of project identity materials (both print and web based) to keep everyone informed.

  • Comprehensive analyses of business problems and opportunities including SWOTS, Force Field, Mind Mapping

  • Strategic plan development, measurement and reporting

Connected Leadership Development

JSA, Inc. utilizes the Connected Leadership framework developed by Jim and CODA Partners. Through the program, current and potential leaders can discover their own leadership intention, leader self-identity, and hone the skills of examination, exploration, enlistment, and execution. 

Online JSA Academy featuring the 27HUNDRED Series

“27HUNDRED Series: Supervising” is an efficient, inexpensive introduction to the basics of supervision for the new manager. The 45-minute/2,700-second sessions are conducted live online for one week every day at the same time. New supervisors will log in each day and engage in a presentation on one of the five essential components of being an effective supervisor. Each topic will offer a practical, proven approach to supervision and allow for time to ask questions for clarification.  

Individual and Team Development through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

As a qualified MBTI administrators, JSA consultants have provided Myers-Briggs assessments and trainings for several years. Work groups wishing to learn more about their individual styles, the styles of others and how to work in diverse environments will find the MBTI to be an excellent activity for team and individual growth.

Organization Culture Inventory

Do you ever wonder how an organization can gage their own culture? JSA are certified administrators of a tool that does just that! Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how the Organization Culture Inventory can help to put language around this elusive, but extremely important subject. Our analysis can help to turn a passive or aggressive culture into a more positive and constructive one. 

JSA, Inc. offers a variety of other consulting, training and project management assistance including:

INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM DEVELOPMENT: JSA, Inc. offers a unique team assessment survey to assist teams who need to gear up to complete a critical project, to help a new team develop for maximum effectiveness, or to help a work group experiencing difficulties. Based on the team assessment results, JSA will facilitate a variety of training activities to address specific team deficiencies for maximum performance.

GRANT WRITING AND FUND DEVELOPMENT: JSA will assist a company in identifying funding sources and developing funding proposals (for governmental, educational, and non-profit agencies). In the year 2000 alone, JSA, Inc. was successful in authoring competitive bids that resulted in over $35 million in revenue for clients.

TECHNICAL WRITING AND WEB DEVELOPMENT. JSA maintains a stable of technical writers who are available to meet a company's needs from technical manuals, service brochures, and web page design and layout